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DroidKnight said:
Fight-the-Streets said:

Another King is falling. CD Project RED is one of the last triple A developer who's not yet bought by one of big players. This made it automatically the company to be admired, the company that gamers hail for, the company that truly understands the gamers because they are of the same "blood" as the gamers... . But here we see finally their true face: just another bunch of assholes wanting to milk the consumers and don't give a fuck about their experience!

Deep from my heart I wish them all the bad reviews they get, all the backlash and hopefully the game will be a financial disaster for them! Also, I have absolutely no compassion to the thousands of hours of overwork they had to do, all the Saturdays and Sundays they had to work. It was a mismanagement from the get-go and the Executives deserves to get "beheaded" for it! At the very least it should have been clear that this game shouldn't be released for the PS4 and Xbox One. I do know that all the suffering employees have no guilt as they just did what they were ordered to do but I hope that with this bad experience, both with the final product and the private disaster, that they will leave the company in mass and work elsewhere, there's lot of demand for such talented people in Eastern Europe and elsewhere! Just leave this shit company and let it die! It's no loss if we would never ever see a new game from this shit-crap company!

Calling for the execution of individuals by beheading is really sick.  

Yes it is sick, that's why there's a big difference between beheaded and "beheaded".