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shikamaru317 said:

I can tell you right now that it didn't get the full 8 years. I definitely remember that even though they had between 50-100 people on the Cyberpunk team from 2012 to 2015, alot of them got pulled off in early 2015 to help with Witcher 3 crunch. I also remember reading an interview somewhere where they said that most of the work that was done from 2012-2015 got cancelled, because it was built on Red Engine 3 as I recall, and they decided to build a new Red Engine 4 and restart development on it. So most of the first year on the restarted version was probably engine programming. Alot of gameplay systems also changed in those years, for instance it was once supposed to have 3rd and 1st person options, but 3rd person was cancelled later on. They once talked about needing to buy a translation chip to understand different languages, but now the game gives you a translation chip for subtitles right out of the gate. There was talk of flying cars at one point early on, but those got dropped. 

Game was definitely announced too soon, they should have waited until after Witcher 3 was released to announce it, 2012 announce was a big mistake. 

Honestly though, I'm going to put that all on management, because they are the ones who are supposed to direct and lead staff into working on what parts at what time, the same folk who also push for crunch at stupid times.

Fire the assholes, the incompetent and get someone who actually knows 100% what they are doing at a more sensible and logical time. We're humans yes, but we've better people out there who aren't completely stupid, or selfish. 

They announced it too early (just like we're seeing with a few publishers as per usual), but another portion of that blame has to go with those actually managing the workflow and what's going on within the company. 

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