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SvennoJ said:

This is so accurate that it hurts to laugh.

OT: The more I look at Jason's interview with a few CDPR devs, the more I'm starting to truly believe the game was literally cobbled together within 2ish years, and not the full 8. Like I get that they were also working on Witcher 3 and it's DLC, but even by then they had enough devs to work on concept stages, concept mechanics, basically trying to nail down their entire scope and vision.

Turns out they must have wasted at least 5-6 years on storyboards and concepts, and not nailing those within the first 2 years (seriously, movies have their scripts and the like written out and nailed within up to 3 years, provided the movie is not in long limbo). I want to know just exactly why their top brass thought it was a good idea to just dick around for 6 years and then decide "oh shit, we gotta crunch the fuck out of this, c'mon slaves you guys can do it, we and the shareholders believe in you!".

Also, yeah, shareholders, fuck'em, I hate shareholders, because more and more as each year goes by, those guys are being treated almost like first class customers over the damn fucking main target, which is supposed to be us, not them, and they deceived everyone but the shareholders. 

What annoys me here, is that this was supposed to be a studio, run by a company that touts non bullshittery, DRM free style business, but in the end they ended up just like all the bad companies out there, and to make matters worse, they've released the game at a late time of year, late enough that they don't  (more like can't) have to work as fast to get the game up to scratch, hence why their excuse is now "oh we'll hotfix in 7 days, but now you're going to have to wait two months for us to sort out all the bugs and then move onto optimisation", and this includes both last gen, current gen and PC. 

This is such a fuck up and a mess that it's unreal.

What annoys me further is that they're all going to be working from home, which means less coordination, longer times to test stuff and iron out performance, and this all means we'll be waiting longer to play the game as it should have been, with DLC also likely being pushed back. Let's be real, who else is going to stick around till summer for the DLC?, because I'm pretty sure most people will have moved onto bigger heavy hitting games well by then.

CEO's, top brass and shareholders need far more heftier punishments for these kind of fuck ups, it's getting beyond stupid and annoying how they can reap benefits, while everyone else, (devs included) are just flat out screwed over. 

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