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shikamaru317 said:

I agree Witcher 3 wasn't the best at release, and we all saw how well they patched it over time, that is one reason why people are more forgiving of Cyberpunk issues on release, we know they will fix it eventually, unlike say Bethesda with Skyrim, where you need to download an unofficial fan patch from the mod store to have a good experience, 9 years later. 

All 3 of those games are games with multiplayer. Name a singleplayer game that got as much free DLC as Witcher 3 please. I can't think of any, though I could be missing something. 

It'll be 100+ hours for me because I am doing all content in the game. I'm already over 20 hours and I have only done like 90% of the side content in the Watson district and the prologue main story missions (up until the point when Johnny shows up), there is still alot of main missions, I think 4 more districts of side content, and the wasteland outside the city side content for me to do, pretty sure I will hit over 100 hours. It's not as big as Witcher 3, where a competitionist run could hit over 150 hours, but it's still very big.

I can't say that I pay enough attention to world clutter while playing a game to notice that everybody owns a deed to a mango farm. If I was that nitpicky with games I wouldn't enjoy any of them probably.

They didn't know the final specs of PS4 and XB1 when Red Engine 3 was designed, which is why Witcher 3 got downgraded after it's initial gameplay trailers and early screenshots. I remember an interview where a CD Projekt dev said they were expecting closer to 3 tflops with a good mid-range laptop CPU for PS4 and Xbox One, instead they got 1.3 and 1.8 tflops with Jaguar tablet class CPU cores. As for Red Engine 4, which Cyberpunk uses, it was built with next-gen performance in mind from what I've read. This game was never going to run well on base PS4 and XB1, the writing was on the wall. 

Witcher 3 runs on Switch, but it does so with a very low resolution, paired back graphics settings that are lower than PC low settings in some cases I think, and drops as low as 20 fps in Novigrad. I will be impressed if they can actually get Cyberpunk on PS4 and XB1 up to at least 25-30 fps without lowering the resolution and graphics settings even lower than they already are. 

I played a great version of Skyrim on PSVR, over 130 hours with DLC included. But true, there was one point that was not fixed and I had to glitch through a door to continue. It was a night and day difference with the experience I had on PS3 though.

No Man's sky was single player... Multiplayer was feature creep which they eventually had to put in. Anyway what does it matter if it's multiplayer or not, both DriverClub and GT Sport were pay once, get tons of DLC added without further cost. There are probably others, can't think of any atm. Besides that, this is what you're glorifying you got for free.

Temerian Armor Set
Beard and Hairstyle Set
Witcher Contract: Missing Miners
Alternate Look For Yennefer
Nilfgaardian Armor Set
Elite Crossbow Set
New Quest: Fool's Gold
Ballad Heroes: Neutral Gwent Card Set
Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear
Alternate Look For Triss
Skellige's Most Wanted
New Quest: Where The Cat and Wolf Play
Alternative Look For Ciri
New Finisher Animations
New Game Plus

That doesn't even compare to what some games give you in one piece. Anyway this is all nitpicking, TW3 is firmly in the top 10
CDPR is great at drip feeding little pieces of content to stay in the news. It was the same with TW2. Pre-order bonuses didn't unlock due to the drm they used. The codes didn't work for most people, bugged. The DRM got patched out and pre-order bonuses given to everyone. What else could they do, but amazing way to turn a screw up into the best PR event, no more DRM, free content.

Goodluck keeping your interest up. Death stranding kept my interest for close to 300 hours (first play through off-line was already 180 hours, second online was 61 hours then I continued maximizing and completing everything) so I'll probably get plenty out of Cyberpunk as well, when it's ready, fixed and completed.

They didn't know the completed specs..... They sure knew them when fitting TW3 in, which came out 5 years ago. So either they all suffer from memory loss, expected the consoles to magically become faster, or knew full well what was up long before Cyberpunk development shifted into full gear.

It can run on ps4 and XOne, there is nothing demanding in the game besides the graphics. Those can be toned down without needing to resort to resolution drops and haphazardly removing stuff. This is what you get when you think scalability can fix everything and try to fit it on by tweaking some sliders and resolution settings. It simply needs some time which they did not have due to bad planning. I imagine that it's currently trying to pump through too high polygon assets and textures designed for 4K. The assets will need to be adjusted for the base console versions and that takes time, no quick fix.