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shikamaru317 said:

Can you name another game besides Fallout 4, RDR2, Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk that included anything in the case except maybe a PS+/XBL code in the last decade? I can't think of any. And CD Projekt even gives you the soundtrack for free, that usually costs you $20 or so for most games. I have listed to my Witcher 3 soundtrack so many times over the last few years. 

Some games get free DLC, some don't. Few get as many as Witcher 3 got, 16 pieces of free DLC in the first year as I recall, ranging from questlines to alternate outfits for the main characters. And they have promised a similar free DLC campaign for Cyberpunk. 

The multiplayer being included with the base game was only ever rumored as far as I know. Besides, name me some other 100+ hour singleplayer games that also include free MP? I can only think of 1, RDR2. It's incredible value for $60, in an age where some games are increasing to $70, and where many games are like 20-30 hours or less for that price.

I haven't encountered any placeholders personally, everything seems done to me, based on my 20+ hours so far. Some bugs and glitches, but all minor, nothing that has impacted my enjoyment. 

How is no singleplayer lootboxes, in a world where many other publishers put them in their games, not a positive?

I definitely read it as an apology, and many others did as well, most of the most liked replies to their tweet were positive from what I saw.

PS4 and XB1 can't handle the game. I have one word for you, Jaguar. Red Engine is very CPU intensive in big cities, just look at Novigrad performance on Witcher 3, DF has used it as a PC CPU benchmark game for 5 years now, because Novigrad is very CPU intensive. And Cyberpunk's Night City is much larger and denser than Novigrad. I don't see this game ever hitting locked 30 fps on PS4/XB1 due to Jaguar CPU's, it will improve some on these patches, but the game should never have been targeted at PS4/XB1, especially after the delay from 2019 to 2020, which is why I said they made a mistake by not cancelling the current gen versions.

Witcher 3 was not all that great at release either, they had to make up some goodwill there.

How many free pieces of DLC did Driveclub get? No Man's sky, GT Sport? Substantial, game changing DLC.

Cyberpunk is not a 100+ hour single player game, you can finish the story in 10 hours apparently.
Many games get tacked on multiplayer nowadays, Far Cry 3 already did.

The police is a big place holder, spawning in with no AI to chase you really. However there are also actual Missing_Vendor_Name tags and empty shops around, while assets get re-used a lot.
It simply wasn't finished yet.

There are seemingly only about six books published in Night City, and everyone owns multiple copies of them, leaving them in piles around their homes. Any time you see sheets of paper on a desk or stuck to a wall, it's the same handful of nonsensical documents—including, oddly enough, a deed to buy a mango farm. I've seen this mango farm contract all over Night City, and every time I do—along with all the other recycled assets—it just feels smaller and smaller.

Not adding something bad, doesn't mean it makes it good, concerning loot boxes.

Apologies are not conditional, don't shift blame and don't ask you to wait for things to get better.

They knew from the start what XBox One and PS4 are capable of. If they made their engine too incompatible with the base consoles, it's purely on them. TW3 runs on the Switch, this can run on the base consoles. Plus they would have known long ago whether it would be feasible or not, yet deliberately continued to mislead until after release when the truth came out.

The mistake they made is thinking that crunch could solve the horrible planning and feature creep they got themselves into. By this time last year it would have been obvious that there was no way to get it out on time and needed another full year at least without a worldwide virus disruption.

It can all be fixed and likely will. That's the one thing CDPR has left, they polished up TW3 to one of the best RPGs out there. It will take time. The current code base is most likely a mess of last minute fixes, patches, place holders, scrapped features and shortcuts to get it out of the door. It certainly can run on the base consoles but it will require time to balance things, create lower poly assets, lower res textures, optimize scenes, pre-bake lighting, reflections and shadows where possible etc.

This is not a Kickstarter project, but somehow a lot of people treat it like such. About 8 million of them.