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I can't imagine how the grunt workers (developers, graphic designers, animators, etc) feel about all this. They gave so much time and energy to this, even having management force crunch on them, only to be forced to release it in this state and have it torn to shreds because of it. There are a lot of people that only buy a game or are a movie when they are brand new. If they are being told to wait until patches come then quite a good chunk of them will just never end up buying the game. I'm one of those people. If a movie or game is coming out and I want it, I typically buy it day or go see it opening weekend. If I wait even a week later, my interest is reduced drastically and I'm likely to not buy or see it. Not every person is like that I know, but I'm sure there are enough of us that it will hurt Cyperpunks legs even after they fix the game. Next weekend the game will be yesterday's news to people like me, and I doubt the fixes they need to send out will be ready by then.

They really should have just delayed it again. I can't imagine how mad those workers are at their bosses for their silly timetables. This is why a game shouldn't even be known to the public until 9 months before release. We don't need 3-4 years of hyping a game up, if we did Nintendo would be out of business. There is a reason Nintendo games aren't buggy messes and it's because they don't start talking about them (with few exceptions) until they are within 9 months of release. By that point it's just polish work and manufacturing discs. Consumers do not need to know about a games existence more than 9 months out, NDAed alpha testers being an exception.