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shikamaru317 said:
SvennoJ said:

Read this and decide if you want to feel bad for 'everybody' there
There seem to be some deep running issues in the company

A. That supposed CD Projekt dev was never vetted by Reddit mods and deleted his Reddit account after posting that, makes me doubtful it is accurate, especially since several other grunt tier employees went on record defending the CD Projekt leadership and claimed that they were crunching voluntarily with paid overtime. 

B. Jason Schreier used to be one of the most trusted journalists in the industry, but he has been caught lying too many times the last few years for me to believe him at face value any more. He seems to have a crusade going against all AAA devs these days, be it Naughty Dog, 343, or CD Projekt, over crunch issues that don't really seem out of the norm for the AAA industry. It's a demanding industry, everybody knows that, and they know it when they apply for these AAA jobs. Some can't handle it and end switch to development at smaller, less crunch prone studios, some can and do handle it. Is crunch right? Maybe not, but it is necessary to get these AAA games out on a regular schedule, especially since AAA games just keep getting bigger and bigger. Cyberpunk took 5+ years to develop as is, and still wasn't all the way finished on release, imagine how long it would have took without any crunch. We could have been waiting until like 2022 for it, 7 years after Witcher 3.

That's why developers won't speak out. Nobody will believe them anyway.
Look a bit further, link was in there

But oh well, he must be lying cause reasons

Without crunch and proper planning, it would have been far less of a mess right now. Crunching makes messy code and adds bugs. It only helps getting something out of the door sooner, however in a worse state taking far more time to fix and add to. Crunch code is nightmare code costing much more time in the long term.