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shikamaru317 said:
Astral said:

Nah, I have zero intention to defend CDRP. I don't even like their games very much.
You are looking at the surface only, the sales number. Are you aware that there stock value went down by a decent amount because of this situation? This has directly affected the shareholders / investor interest in the company. After big releases companies expect a rise in the market cap, not the opposite.

I do believe a strong message was delivered to the industry. But I didn't say that the industry was forever changed by that.

Their stock price was overvalued to begin with honestly, it got driven up by overhype for Cyberpunk, hype they were never going to be able to deliver on. Somehow their market cap was higher than Ubisoft, an entire publisher with 18,000 employees and about a dozen big IP's, compared to CD Projekt having 1,111 employees and no owned IP (both Witcher and Cyberpunk are licensed from other companies). Can't say I'm surprised by their stock price dropping some after the controversy. Will go back up some soon thanks to the high sales and the updates that fix the game next year and optimize it for next-gen. They also have the multiplayer Cyberpunk game coming which is sure to be a big success. 

The price of the stock will definitely go up because it is the nature of the market. It is in a strong buy zone at the moment. If I was in the market I would definitely buy some CDRP's stocks right now. More demand for the stock = rising value. However, that is mostly for small short term investors who don't really care about the company itself. Unlike major shareholders which can be disturped by sudden drops. And the company has to answer to them. But I agree with you. If CDPR played it right in the upcoming weeks everyone will probably be happy at the next shareholders meeting.