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It definitely does not solve the issue or will make them recover from this huge loss of trust, but it is nice to seem a company apologize and make it very clear that they admit they shit the bed. Two questions though:
1 - Was this a calculated move since they know, out of those 8 million units sold, a huge portion is related to people than can enjoy the game right now and probably wont ask for a refund? Because PC, XSX and PS5 players are able to play it right now despite the bugs, performance is not necessarily an issue. Also it seems Xone X and PS4 Pro are pretty much playable. So most likely all these people wont ask for a refund.
2 - Wouldn't it be better to wait 6 months more and release now only for PC, XSX and PS5, and then later release for base consoles, of course followed by apologies? Investors would still make a lot of money in 2020 and the reputation impact would be much lower.

My guess is that this was a calculated move and they concluded the reputation loss doing it as they did would cost less then postponing everything for 2021.