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eva01beserk said:

Kind of expected. The hype levels betwen the 2 had the biggest gap I have ever seen. I think you can have a Sony exec say hi on twiter and it would have gotten more likes than a full xbox presentation.
I just dont buy the stock problem. These companis expected a level of demand and they prepare for it. They must have known that the x1s had tanked the series x demand. They would never over supply a product as that would devalue the product and kill some of the hype. Had any of theese companies actually met demand it would actually be a bad thing. Thats how manupulative sales tactics work. So both produced just a bit under what they expected to sell tonartificially rise demand.

Like what happened before the big bang, it's a great mystery ( to me ) how I can edit a comment, and instead of the edit, an entirely new comment is created, and the original comment remains as well. This space should still serve some purpose beyond expressing my bewilderment however.

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