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Europeans seems to be pretty loyal to their entertainment brand

Following music charts, the english speaking acts that sells well in Europe tend to sells well for almost 20 years there, hence 80's rock band and pop singers still making huge sales in the mid 2000 while in USA their careers were pretty much done almost 10 years before. It's not like those singers were getting massive hits, but they were selling consistently well to their already stable and mature fanbase

Following box office performance, I see exactly the same pattern. Europe seems to be the least likely market for a new blockbuster enjoy a massive financial sucess, Europeans would rather watch another Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings movie. Animations are the exception, as they target families and children mainly anyways

With that in mind, I will make a bet. If anyone can get a demographic breakdown of european hardware sales I will bet Sony customers are on average older than Xbox's. Sony has a strong presence in European market since PS1, it was the first company to trust in Europe and europeans are still loyal for them. Nintendo was there, but without a big presence it was mostly a niche company on home console markets, being very strong with handhelds a position nobody challenge

Of course brand loyalty will only explain a fraction of the edge Sony have over Nintendo and Microsoft. No matter how strong your brand is, if you releasing an unappealing product people won't buy it period. Not even Japan bought Wii U to illustrate that. As said before, 360 did fairly well in Europe, showing there was indeed potential in the market, but MS screwed all that with the anemic XBONE. To make things even worse Nintendo Wii U bombed hard destroying for good any chance of Microsoft touching Sony sales