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Chris Hu said:
JRPGfan said:

Its just the xbox being down, this gen, compaired to last gen, isnt even the real story.

So no, its not a "bother".

I was pointing out, the need to downplay, why the xbox series x+s did poorly, by him, was unnessary.

The real story, is the success of the PS5 (beating the PS4).
(not compaired to series x+s, but by beating the insane performance the PS4 had at launch last gen).

PS5 also set a record, for highest unit+dollar sales, for controllers for a console, in history.

You can use a X1 controller on the series S and X so there is no need to buy a extra controller since most people that bought one already have some spare ones.  PS4 controllers don't work on PS5 games.

Yes, but again... this is the most, in terms of unit+dollars, any gen of any console, at any time, at launch a console has done in the USA.
So no reason to compair to xbox series x.

PS5 sold alot of controllers apparently.