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shikamaru317 said:
Intrinsic said:

That's BS... not peaking to you directly but speaking to that narrative of MS waiting for "fullRDNA2".

MS has had their full final chipset since last year. Its like people forget that MS showed the teardown of their console before sony even showed the box of theirs. Or people don't realize that the case design is the absolute last thing any company does when making a console. This means that by TGA last year when the series X was revealed, MS had already built that conole.

When MS says they are waiting for fullRDNA2, what they are really saying in PR gloss, is "it's taken us longer than we expected moving romXDK to GDK and making GDK feature complete and identical to RDNA2 and we are still working on optimizing our dev kit/tools".

I mean Phil said it in an interview recently, that they had to wait until late Summer (I assume that means August) for their AMD chipsets so that they could finish their Xbox Series units. Supposedly PS5 was in production by late June I think. So it does make sense why Sony was able to get so much more stock ready for launch than MS. MS clearly weren't able to manufacture enough stock to meet demand, in spite of the fact that they saw their day one preorders sell out minutes way back in September. 

Phil also said he had a finished Series X in his house in early May. And they showed off the final unit in Dec of the previous year at the VGAs. So which is it? Were they ahead of Sony, like Xbox fans were saying late last year and early this year? Or are they behind them, which only started being the narrative when the 12 Tflops beast narrative didn't quite play out?