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RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

Thats not the story.
The story is its outselling the PS4 at launch, in basically every region in the world when compaired.

nvm the Series X+S being down most regions, compaired to the Xbox One launch.

Is it that much of a bother that the XSX|S hasn't flopped hard?

Its just the xbox being down, this gen, compaired to last gen, isnt even the real story.

So no, its not a "bother".

I was pointing out, the need to downplay, why the xbox series x+s did poorly, by him, was unnessary.

The real story, is the success of the PS5 (beating the PS4).
(not compaired to series x+s, but by beating the insane performance the PS4 had at launch last gen).

PS5 also set a record, for highest unit+dollar sales, for controllers for a console, in history.