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smroadkill15 said:

Congrats to Sony for doing a better job at having more consoles manufactured.
This just means the Series X/S has had more of a supply constraint and with launching in 37 countries vs 13 for the X1, led to less consoles being sold in those 13 countries compared to X1, but more Series X consoles were sold worldwide compared to X1. If you look at the worldwide numbers sold at launch, Series X only sold about 100k-200k more than the X1 worldwide, so I felt like this was the obvious conclusion, but I guess not.

Thats not the story.
The story is, the PS5 outselling the PS4 at launch, in basically every region in the world when compaired.

nvm the Series X+S being down most regions, compaired to the Xbox One launch.
(which you could excuse as just, them haveing issues with production this time around, if your looking for a excuse)