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VAMatt said:

The launch sales numbers are meaningless, except to demonstrate a better supply chain on Sony's side. Both sold out all available stock, as they generally do at launch.

some places in europe, you can still find Series X & S on shelves.

Also the US isnt the only place Series X+S, is down compaired to Xbox One, launch.

In France it did 37k (series S+X) vs the 50k of the Xbox One (1st week sales data). PS5 did 107k in France that week.
In Spain it did 14k (series S+X) vs 15k of the Xbox One (1st week sales data). PS5 did 43k in spain that week.

In both France, Spain, and USA, the Series S+X are down compaired to launch of the Xbox One.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 12 December 2020