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RolStoppable said:
B6a6es said:


Yeah Series X/S Aint outselling PS5 in the US anytime soon

Launch month isn't indicative of momentum at all when both consoles sold out. XSX|S is in better shape than XB1 seven years ago despite a lower launch month, because we have mid-December and no gossip of Xboxes sitting on store shelves; the XB1 came down quickly and was mocked for its unsold Day 1 Editions.

So far it seems in every country we have numbers in, XSX is either doing practically the same as the XBO or worse, while PS5 is doing better. I really don't think they are in a better position than XBO was.  

Regardless of what people think, every gen is not a hard reset. You either have to come out big to correct a former mistake, like PS3 to PS4 and Wii U/3DS to Switch, or screw up big time to hurt your momentum, like PS2 to PS3 and Wii to Wii U. XSX is not launching in a vacuum. It's being released after a mediocre gen from Xbox. 

XBO at least launched after the successful 360, so a larger pool of fans to pull from. Ones who may forgive the early stumble of DRM.  XSX is launching after the mediocre XBO, and a great run for PS4, which saw many gamers jump ship from Xbox. While there are many who remember the DRM of XBO, even more went through the XBO's drought of 1st party support. The same thing that happened with the 360 near the end, which contributed to PS3 pulling ahead of it and helped push gamers back onto PS4.  Gamers know Sony delivers in that category.  

Now, we have no real launch exclusives for XSX out of the gate, which just emphasizes the poor 1st party support of last gen with gamers. And the games that will be on it are going to always be on PC on the same day, which makes it somewhat pointless unless you are strictly a console gamer. Hell, Bethesda games may still come to PS5, depending on the deal they work out and what situation the XSX is in in 2022, when we can even expect to see the early fruits of such a deal. On top of that, multiplats aren't performing better on it like MS was preaching it would for almost a year, now. 

All of this combined does not put it in a better position than the XBO.