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News from America: "The November 12-released PlayStation 5 achieved the highest launch month unit and dollar sales for video game hardware in the United States, according to NPD numbers released today. The records were previously held by the November 2013-released PlayStation 4".

"The xbox series (launched on November 10), debuted lower than predecessor xbox one". "Spider-Man: Miles Morales is November's best-selling exclusive". The PS5 is sold out worldwide and, due to the difficult Corona period, is only available digitally from retailers.

"According to the NPD, the PS5 controller had the highest unit and dollar sales for a gamepad in its launch month in US history". Interesting to see.

I think that the PS5 Dualsense will be very popular and important for games in the future because it intensifies the gaming experience. Astros Playroom is already a good example of this. Let's see if there is an opportunity for everyone in the store to try out the new Dualsense feature next year.

Last edited by KazumaKiryu - on 03 January 2021