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DonFerrari said:
pikashoe said:

I looked through his posts again. And nope that was not the line he was taking. He was clearly saying that 3rd party games contribute to PlayStation HW sales and that the extra HW sales that 3rd partys provide add more to 1st party sales than the competition from these same games takes away.

I understand that English may not be your 1st language so you may have misinterpreted what he meant. 

Sure pika, and I understand that because you agree with him you may not have noticed the tone, personal accusations and the intention to downplay the sales of Sony exclusives. If you read this and other threads you'll see that at most Sony fans have been saying Sony is approaching Nintendo level of sales and this is shoot down with exaggerated comparison and "to reach Nintendo you have to sell this much...." and that quantity keeps changing to the point even most Nintendo titles doesn't qualify.

You really need to stop assuming that everyone who disagrees with you is arguing in bad faith. I agree with some things he says and disagree with others. Even the guy he was talking to I agreed with some things he said. Even you on a rare occasion can say something I agree with. I don t keep an eye on everything he says but he didn't seem to be downplaying Sony sales. If what he says is considering downplaying then a lot of Sony fans in this thread are just as guilty.

I don't know what you consider Nintendo level sales. But for me it means that the ps4s top 10 best selling games needs to be on a similar level to the switches top 10 best selling games. Which at the moment is not the case. You can hold me to that. 

I'll agree that there are some obnoxious Nintendo fans but I find that Sony fans can be equally as bad.