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pikashoe said:
toru_bozu said:

No, I perfectly understand what he said. That's why I said "not solely". 3rd party games do help, but he's downplaying Sony 1st party titles huge contribution which sold tremendously in a region of not only 10+ million but also 20+ millions, which in turn move many hardware as well. Why 3rd party is the reason PS4 sell more? Why not Sony 1st party? Sony games sold improved a lot especially compare to PS3. I can turn around that/ his statement which can stand true.

I'm not saying that only 1st party games sell Sony consoles. I'm saying that they contribute to the hardware selling more. If you took GoW, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, TLoU, Uncharted and other huge 1st party games off of ps4 it is likely it would sell less. Which would mean that 3rd/ 1st party games have less people to sell to.

Just look at Xbox One, they have GTA, FIFA, COD and other huge 1st party games... but it not even reach half of PS4 total hardware, no need to mention it 1st party titles. DonFerarri sum up what I'm trying to say. Seeing xPhenom08x is banned, I have my opinion on this already.

You clearly don't understand. No one is saying that Sony 1st party games don't help sell a lot consoles. What was being said is that if you took all the major 3rd party games away, PlayStation would sell less then it currently sells and that would have a negative effect on how much 1st party titles can sell. 

The reason Sony sells better than Xbox is mostly down to Sony having much better 1st party support. It is the combination of 1st and 3rd party that makes Sony consoles sell so well.

No one is a very strong word, you can say you didn't mean it, but yes that was the line Phenom was taking.

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