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PotentHerbs said:
pikashoe said:

Why would they want to derail sales of Mario kart 8? They likely want MK8 to sell as much as possible before replacing it. Just because AC is selling well doesn't mean anything for any other Nintendo titles. It doesnt mean they will sell similar numbers. 3d mario usually outsells Zelda by a large margin but botw is outselling Mario odyssey.

They'll sell a bit next year and then get remastered for the ps5. Spider man was on sale in November and had a sequel release. The ps5 is hard to get currently. It'll die off next year.

They can release MK9 in 2022, which might coincide with the rumored 4K Switch, allowing MK8 to get another year of sales. MK9 would also make a lot more money for Nintendo than MK8 currently can.

If someone expects 50+ Million lifetime for AC, essentially expecting 20+ Million sales in its second year and beyond, why would it be the only piece of Nintendo software that benefits? Similar to how Animal Crossing defied expectations, software spikes showed video games benefitting from a worldwide lockdown, so if Animal Crossing has legs that defy a traditional sales curve, it would not be exclusive, meaning the next big title from Nintendo would shatter records. 

How do you know everyone wants to buy the PS5 version of Spiderman? Speaking for myself, I haven't bought/played Spiderman yet, and its not a game I'd wait to play on the PS5, rather its something I'd pick up for the right price. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. SM charted in November despite Miles Morales release. Not to mention Spiderman will have sales next year too, its not a one time thing. Don't forget that the PS5 version of SM is not even available to purchase as a standalone title.

I give up, you are completely unwilling to see sense here. 

The new switch is rumoured for early next year, not 2022. It is unlikely that a new MK is coming out soon because MK 9 would likely not reach its full sales potential on switch, 8 and 9 would hurt each other.

First of all I never said AC will sell 50 million. I don't get the logic here, why does AC selling insanely well mean other games will as well. Here's an example, on the Wii MK sold way beyond what any MK had ever sold before, but Zelda sales didn't change and 3d mario didn't see any boost. Just because AC performs well doesn't mean anything for any other game. 30 million sales can't be just attributed to covid boost. If that were the case then all other new releases this year should have sold way more then they have.

Spiderman charted in November because miles morales released not despite. This is common that sequels boost the previous game for a couple of weeks. It happened with TLOU, it happened with new leaf. Typically software sales take a massive hit after a new console releases. Stuff like TLOU 2, GoT and cyberpunk will sell alright for awhile because they are new games.