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xPhenom08x said:

Misquoting MK8 sales proves you are clueless and a waste of time. You don't know anything and are still trying to act as if you do. None of what you said is needed to hit 50 million and you still fail to acknowledge its actually already beyond 37 million. You want to call TLOU a 20 million seller due to its remaster but you cant acknowledge MK8's 37 million due to the WiiU version. You are so sad, you acknowledge what remasters will do for Sony's first party but ignore MK8. How the hell is 40 million + a long shot when its already pushing 37 million? Spiderman, which you can't even prove has hit 20 million somehow has 35 to 40 million as a possibility but a game at 37 already has 50 million as a long shot? Stop lol! You are just messing with me clearly. Good jokes!

Edit: I just realized you username, very fitting. That stuff must strong to be so delusional. 

I'm not the one who proclaimed 50+ Million lifetime for MK8 on the Switch. Here's what you said:

"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe released in 2017 and is well in route to 40 or 50 million without the WiiU version."  

You even went as far to say that the Switch will have two 50+ Million sellers that will challenge the top 5 best selling PS4 exclusives: 

"Mario Kart and AC will probably challenge Sonys top 5 lmao. Atleast 100 million between the two, that will challenge Spidey (30), Uncharted 4 (25), TLOU (25), GoW (25), TLOU II (25)." 

Looks like you're more clueless than me. You can't even add correctly! Unless being outsold by 30 Million units is "challenging." 

Last edited by PotentHerbs - on 09 December 2020