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Ashadelo said:
konnichiwa said:

Yeah it is has a bit of a horrorish theme but before GOW2 everyone was complaining about how dark next gen games were , especially in the Unreal engine so the colour theme (and a ton of characters on screen) were because they wanted to show off the engine.  

Wow,i had no idea. Well that explains it, but the music in two is a lot different from 1. I need to replay 4 because its been a year and I dont remember the music standing out or maybe I just wasn't paying too close attention too it.

I loved Gears 1 music but 2 has some great songs aswell...  Prescot speech, and the scene + music is one of my favourite moments of the gears franchise (I use the song as my alarm clock).

Also they showed the new features that the unreal engine could do before GoW II release: