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konnichiwa said:
Ashadelo said:

I finished Gears of War 1 last night. Man that game was superb. I liked it a lot more than 4 (which I played and beat last year, was my first GoW game) 1 had such a fantastic atmosphere, that game, has to be one of my favorite games from the 360/PS3/Wii era.

I started Gears of War 2 tonight. Noticed the graphics are a lot more colorful and the music is different, it's not..... horrorish? It's got a lot of orchestra star warsish style music. Seems really cool so far, but I am noot sure it will beat out 1 for me.

Yeah it is has a bit of a horrorish theme but before GOW2 everyone was complaining about how dark next gen games were , especially in the Unreal engine so the colour theme (and a ton of characters on screen) were because they wanted to show off the engine.  

Wow,i had no idea. Well that explains it, but the music in two is a lot different from 1. I need to replay 4 because its been a year and I dont remember the music standing out or maybe I just wasn't paying too close attention too it.