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pikashoe said:

I'll just reply to this as it hits most of the same points as your reply to me.

I really don't see the logic that spiderman will sell another 5 million on the ps4 but Mario kart selling another 10 million on switch is a long shot. Mario kart is Nintendo's most leggy game. The Wii version was still charting on Amazon until recent years. The release of the ps5 and the remaster are going to completely kill sales of the ps4 version. If I didn't already own the game I would just wait till I got a ps5 at this point.

Do you expect MK9 to release in the next few years? A 2022 release for MK9, that coincides with the rumored 4K Switch, would kill off MK8 legs. I also find it hard to believe that MK8 will have similar legs in 2021 that it did in 2020. Wasn't it selling millions of units a quarter, in non holiday quarters too, during 2020? I don't think that's sustainable. 

As for Spiderman, we know its over 20+ Million, and if that was the figure before the holidays, it could be around 21 Million at the start of 2021. Needing to sell 4 - 5 Million in the next couple of years, entering its third year on the market with numerous sales and DLC, gives it a good shot. PS4 hardware is finished selling but the PS4 userbase is still active. This November, Spiderman placed 11th on the PSN PS4 charts while Miles Morales ended up at 3rd. The game still has a bit of mileage left. 

Last edited by PotentHerbs - on 09 December 2020