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Zombie9ers said:

Again - the reason Playstation exclusives are not at the same level as Nintendos in my opinion is because it is much harder to do with more options available on PlayStation- you're not getting the big 3rd party games to compete with on the Switch. But even with the competition - Sony hitting the 20 million milestone on these exclusive games is far more impressive to me than any Nintendo first party - again because what other options do you have on Nintendo? PS4 has already crossed 1.5 billion games sold - and no doubt has already passed the PS2 this holiday season as the most games sold on any console in the history of video games. It will easily cross the 2 billion games sold mark. That's more than double any other console in history (besides the PS2).

That is one way to look at things when trying desperately hard to make Sony look as if they are doing better than they actually are. The alternative is what if Playstation didn't get all that "competition" from 3rd parties? Would playstation still have the userbase to sell 20 million first party games if now the platform as a whole suffers. Those 3rd parties add a massive amount of consumer that allow Sony's first party titles to perform higher, so yes they probably take sells away but they also help Sony's first parties reach higher than they probably would without the "competition". So do they help more than they hurt is up for debate. Sony has had two opportunities to prove they could sell better without 3rd parties being in the way and they dropped the ball both times. Highest selling game on PSP is a 3rd party title named GTA SA Stories and on Vita is Minecraft I believe. The simple fact is 3rd parties know they can sell games better than Sony so there is no issue with competing against them, same would never be said against Nintendo lol. CoD released on WiiU and got demolished lol. GTA released on DS and got demolished lol. Sony isn't on Nintendo's level and that is just a fact. 

What other options do you have on Nintendo is such nonsense, its pathetic. Did Nintendo put a gun to my head and say buy a Switch lol? The choice is buying the platform in the first place, thats why they all compete against each other and not just within the platform lol. Someone buying a Switch chose Mario, Pokemon, Smash, Zelda, and Animal Crossing over the alternative on Playstation. Nintendo's first party might is that strong to pull in so many consumers without the 3rd party help Sony receives. That if anything makes Nintendo look even better, Switch is now outpacing the hell out of the PS4 with just a hand full of major titles. PS4 has all that AAA 3rd party support and Sony's growing first party support.