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Leynos said:

GOD YES I always feel like I am the only one who talks about Ranger X! I'm also a massive classic SEGA nerd. I want to read your full post just have to go take care of something but I will do a full proper response later. Tagging for now.

Ranger X is such an awesome game! So much style and kick ass action, I love it! It's so cool that there is the companion vehicle to help you on the missions, wether it's the bike or the plane. I love the specal weapons. How cool is it to have a robotic eagle as a weapon? And then all the sci-fi elements in the stages, it all fts together so well. Great game!

shikamaru317 said:

I was a Genesis kid in the 90's for sure, way preferred Genesis to SNES back then, and still do really (though SNES does have a few exclusives I like such as FF6 and Chrono Trigger). Sega was truly at the top of their game in the early 90's. It was truly sad to see them make one mistake after another in the mid 90's, mostly as a result of the jealousy of Sega of Japan over how successful Sega of America had made the Genesis.

Right, it was indeed sad to watch their downfall. Imagine where we could have been nowadays if Sega was still making consoles.

Mar1217 said:

If I were completely honest, my youth days when I first got into gaming was devoided of any mention to any content related to SEGA except their arcade games they were well known for in the Arcades. Mainly, most of my entourage and friends were playing on their SNES,N64, GameBoys and Playstation at the time. It wasn't before the days I played on our Xbox 360 that I got a bit more interested in Gaming history and realised the Genesis, Master System and subsequent consoles were a thing.

Still, as a shoot'em up arcade enthusiast. I've got to play a good portion of their librairy and had a ton of fun with them. Now if only we got some arcade collections for those type of games ...

They had extraordinarily good shoot'em ups, that's for sure! I recently discovered M.U.S.H.A. as well as Thunder Blade III and IV. Absolutely brilliant games, highly recommended!