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I disagree with the notion some people have NS' success was hard to predict before its launch even in my modest predictions I had it down to do 80m purely because it has a monopoly on one side of the industry in the portable market which housed at the time a combined 70-80m or so potential sales between Vita and 3DS (now 92m) some people were just ignoring this factor throwing out pessimistic forecasts as if that market was going to disappear over night, the was only one platform for these consumers to buy that only leads to one thing it was always going to have good success the concept when first shown was also very appealing on top of having a reacquired monopoly.

The level momentum it has garnered I can agree was unexpected but success was always going to be a thing be it 80m or 130m it's just people on forums who are a minority believed in a preset way they think the market should work as opposed to how relevant factors will make it work an example is the obsession's with high powered hardware on boards.