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Mine is not an expectation (I don't really know what to expect from Nintendo), but more of a "technically possible" desire.

- It's too early for a Switch 2, and any "Pro" hardware upgrade keeping the current form factor would dimish the appeal for their next-gen system while still pale in comparison of the competiton in terms of graphic fidelity.

- If it's just a slight update I'm not interested.

So, give me an home console version with a VR headset that allows me to play current Switch games on TV with better performance and resolution and also allows me to access exclusive VR content/games.

Price tag: 349$

Maintain all other models and leave three options in the market: (1) handheld only / 199$; (2) handheld + TV / 249$; TV high-end + VR / 349$).

Alternatively, create a new dock (as someone suggested) to deliver this kind of upgrade.

...I know, I'm demanding.


Last edited by freebs2 - on 04 December 2020