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I’m on the last checkpoint of the last mission. The game is quite good, but this play through was much more of a chore than when I beat it on PC. Jack does make fights easier since at higher levels he can just spawn you a Boomshot or whatever and a Torque Bow. But it seems all that a higher difficulty setting does is send more waves of enemies at you and make you miss more shots. I don’t mind the increased waves, the gameplay is fun, but when I flank an enemy to setup perfect shots and two or three straight shots with 80%+ hit chance all miss, that’s some bullshit. The side quests get real boring, too.

Game looks and loads amazing on SX, better than my pretty good gaming PC. The last software update seemed to fix Quick Resume, so that helps too. And I’ve been experimenting with different skill builds for the characters, it really changes the battles. I’ll be glad to be done with the Tactics campaign though.