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Doctor_MG said:
Ryng said:

My Switch lifetime sales predictions

America < 70 million
Europe > 50 million
Japan > 30 million
Rest of the world > 20 million

Total > 170 million

Man...those are some ballsy predictions. I do not think that the Switch will become the best selling console of all time. I'm thinking more like:

America > 45M
Europe < 35M
Japan > 30M
RotW < 20M

Total < 130

Both your Europe and America numbers are super low.

Switch was at 26.58 million in America at the end of September, should be at 33-34 million at the end of the year, you are predicting only 11-12 million more after that, which is not only extremely low but, it's what it should sell only in 2021.

Switch will be above your 45 million estimate in America before 2022 begin.