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eva01beserk said:

All I know is that my post on that article was downboted to hell just for pointimg out this exact outcome. Its basicly in their description that nothing was done to improve overall performance just droped the resolution. But people thought that now the performance gap of the 2 consoles was gone. People expected to much for a patch that was out in under a week.

Please, you need to understand the XBox fans. The X1 was destroyed by the PS4, the launch of their new "most powerful console of all time" is quite bad (non existent in Europe and Japan, beaten by the PS5 in the US) and then you add a cross-gen/platform game running better on the PS5. Their world is ending, they spent a few hundreds dollars on a virtually dead console, they have to find an excuse.

User was banned for this post - cycycychris 

Last edited by cycycychris - on 30 November 2020