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Tbh it all depends on whether or not Sony Makes a PS4 Mini model for 149.99$ (similar to PS2, DS, Wii 99$ at the end of its life-cycle, or PS3 Super-Slim in 2012)

Even if they sold it at a loss it would be worth it imo compared to Previous Gens where PS walled-Garden Exists Nowadays and the more User-Base the more Revenue they would Generate

like seriously why would anyone waste 299$ when could get a Next gen console for 100$ more (and even worst for PS4 Pro, since its literally the same price as the PS5 DE)

another factor to take is that Unlike the PS4, Switch or Xbox One at launch, the PS5 & Series X/S is Backwards Compatible with its previous Gens

as for why PS1,PS2 had much stronger legs (Despite new Gen having BC) was due to PS1 being 99$ (Dropped to 49$ in 2002) at the launch of the PS2 (which was 299$), and even to greater extent the PS2 was 99$ against the Gargantuan 599$ PS3

tbh id be more interested to see how strong the GBA legs were during the DS Gen

Last edited by B6a6es - on 30 November 2020