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Barkley said:

The cheapest PlayStation I can find on ebay is £700 (digital edition), literally double it's retail price. If scalpers are having any trouble selling it's only because they charge so much.

"Both the XSX and PS5 suffer from this same issue where both have sold out in record time and sold record numbers, but the harder question is, did the stock actually sell this fast or was it a simple transition moving from one warehouse to another?"

If scalpers didn't exist they would have all sold to actual consumers.

Its not weather or not the systems would have sold, of course they would have sold eventually, however "in record time" is one key factor we need to take note on here. The reasons these consoles flew off the shelf was indeed helped by scalpers which many brought multiple units, some even thousands of units. 

The moment the XSX and PS5 were up for pre-order actually crashed some sites and were instantly sold out, that's because the bots can react quicker than any human, which instantly acted on release.

The moment scalpers know that there is a shortage in supply is when they hit the hardest and that's exactly what we saw with both PS and Xbox systems. 

I vote a law should take place to ban scalping or at least limit the amount someone can buy and sell for. 

There was a Series S selling for $750US. That's even more ridiculous.