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A very touchy subject for many, however someone needs to bring this up, and i guess my last effort was considered trolling, so ill make my own thread on it.

As the title reads, many scalpers are getting nervous trying to sell there next gen stock. The longer they wait the less chance they can sell due to more stock arriving on store shelves and many customers are waiting. 

The way the modern scalping system works is that Scalpers use bots which automatically find available stock and place orders, the more bots they have, the more systems they can buy into. This can deplete stock quit quickly and sell out before customers can even wake up to awareness. 

SpawnWave nails it on the head at 3:00 in the video below.

"Sony has managed to move 2 to 2.5m PS5 systems already.. and think about how hard it is to still find a PS5. It does make me think that these resellers, which we heard about that one group! who has control of 3500 hundred systems right now, and there are a lot of groups BTW.. so i kinda think that the competition just to be able to get one of these listings in front of you on Ebay or Amazon or Twitter or Facebook where ever, is kind of difficult, its almost like that the PS5 reseller market is getting kind of saturated" 

Weather people consider Spawnwave as a decent source, there are other videos to explain it more simpler. 

Scalping is a serious issue and needs to be noticed by the public. Both the XSX and PS5 suffer from this same issue where both have sold out in record time and sold record numbers, but the harder question is, did the stock actually sell this fast or was it a simple transition moving from one warehouse to another?

Enjoy the video and comment respectfully.