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I would call them pretty much identical, as it appears that the frame rate is more stable in combat, as shown and stated at around 8:20. The dips on the PS5 are so minor that they are pretty much null, just like the one isolated section (that he called luck of the draw likely) where the dynamic resolution dropped to 1260p for a moment. Screen tearing vastly improved from the previous version on XSX.

Quality mode is stable and identical on both, with minimal minor dips to frame rate. This is actually the mode I play on as it seems the most polished at a locked 4k and relatively smooth 30fps. There is also zero tearing on either version.

It has also came to light that most changes were made to the XSX version for improvement, and that little has changed from the original PS5 build in performance mode (despite claims to the contrary). Therefore issues people might have on either version are likely bug related.

Seems like a true tie when everything is weighed in, with niether version being superior to the other. Pretty much expected from a cross gen port that has not been fully optimized for either new console, and there is no wrong choice here.

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