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eva01beserk said:

dosent mention how much the resolution drop is before and after?

Both supposedly used to bottom out at 1440p.
Now the Xbox Series X version goes down to 1260p (nxgamer).  *edit: (DF found down to 1188p)

Remember these are dynamic scaled, up and down, so its only noticeable when really stressed.
And its a worth while trade off to get more stable 60fps.
So these situation arnt a constant thing.... you would probably need a maginifying glass to even notice a differnce, in a freeze frame, when both were stressed to notice a differnce.

Hell the Xbox Series S (in performance mode) runs at 720p (base) and he says thats honestly for the best.
It looks really close to 1080p due to how well it upscales. 60fps comes at cost of resolution.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 29 November 2020