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Quality mode (4k30):
XSX doesnt seem as stable 30, as the XSS (which runs a lot lesser resolution).
PS5 and XSX both, arnt locked 30, but run near identical, and decently well (its close to 30, minor dips only).

Performance Mode:

XSS: Now has lowered resolution on the Xbox Series S (base = 720p, scaled back upto 1080p) stable 60 fps (as stable as the PS5/XSX, if not more so).

XSX : To improve XSX version performance, they made it scale more aggresively (ei. it drops to lower resolutions than PS5, to improve performance).
PS5 : slightly better LoD. Slightly better Alpha effects.

Both run near flawless 60fps now (ei. XSX runs as well as the PS5 version in fps).
They improved the amount of frame tearing the XSX had, but its still more than the PS5 version.

FPS differnce between the PS5 + XSX is 0,02%  (2/100th's of a %)  

Also rumors of Ubisoft breaking the game, and hurting the PS5 version are blown out of all purportions (he didnt experiance it).
PS5 has a really small edge (in image quality) and both run near identical FPS.. No matter which version you play, your in for a treat.


Digital Foundry:

TL - DR:

Has a opening scene, cutscene that runs slightly worse for a little bit.
Apart from that, everywhere else performance seem the same as before.

Has alot less screen tearing.
The area before that dipped into the mid 40's, is now 60.
(this area now runs 1296p, ei. lower resolution than before)

The torch light, and shadows.... bug that caused fps into 40's, doesnt now.
(This might be due to them lowering lowest resolution from 1440p -> 1188p.)

A more aggresive dynamic scaleing resolution (lower bound) has improved performance..
xbox series x does on avg run lower resolution than PS5, according to DF, to keep 60fps.

XSS: 60FPS mode :)  (720p and up, often around 800p ish)
DF says they found the XSS, to run slightly less smooth 60fps than the PS5/XSX.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 29 November 2020