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The_Liquid_Laser said:

These holiday months are primed to set records for total hardware sales. Switch has already been setting records all year. Now add in 2 new systems...there is going to be a lot of hardware sold.

Still hard to compete with 07-10 when you also had NDS/PSP on top of three consoles though.

Dec 09

NDS 7.4M

Wii 7.1M

PS3 4.0M

360 2.8M

PSP 2.4M

Total top 5 - 23.7M

That is going to be hard to compete with.  Between PS4 and PS3, highest Dec ever is PS4 2016 4.9M alongside Pro launch.  Between XBO/360 is 360 2011 at 4.0M.

New consoles probably cannot get that high in launch year, but even if they did, and NSW cracks 8.0M, that's still only a total of 16.9M.  And realistically there is no way that the twins hit those numbers this year, given supply and pricing.