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VAMatt said:
SvennoJ said:

Three solutions
1. Don't visit Twitter
2. Only state the facts / measurements, leave the opinion and speculation out of it
3. Disable the comment section

However DF is being hypocrites here. They do it for the clicks. It doesn't matter which 'side' is ahead, bit of colorful language and speculation here and there and watch the clicks rolling in. If they would review it like rtings for example, 90% of his stuff would be gone and not directed at him.

I think we should lobby Rtings to get into gaming hardware reviews.  Hardware only though.

That would be useful. Of all the pissing matches so far, I've yet to read one thing on whether the system wide output gamma correction has finally left the XBox hardware. Or maybe it was fixed already. XBox One still had black crush due to the output gamma correction (to make everything pop more, darker, increased contrast) which made it a pain to use next to Nintendo and Sony who have always used a linear (correct) brightness scale. That was the reason for the ps3 vs 360, ps3 looks washed out vs 360 has black crush, limited vs full/expanded RGB problems. RTings would be perfect to test stuff like that.

I did the test myself back then between ps3 and 360 output, trying to calibrate the display as best as possible. PS3 top, Xbox 360 bottom, same png, simple greyscale 0,0,0 to 255,255,255 to 0,0,0 displayed on dash in full / expanded RGB output, screen also set to accept full / expanded RGB. Pictures taken with Nikon reflex camera with identical exposure time then edited beside each other.

As you can see, it was impossible to get the 360's output aligned with the display output. Either you have 127,127,127 at 50% brightness with either grey blacks or whiteouts (increase contrast to stretch the range), or what I settled for, have 127,127,127 below 50% and get 0,0,0 at the actual black level. However you still couldn't undo the 'crunch' at the bottom of the curve. It became more of a mess when developers started compensating for this gamma correction, so some games needed different calibration settings than others.

I assume this is not an issue with HDR, however plenty games are still in SDR. Plus it would be nice to see how these consoles handle video output in general.