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foodfather said:

While the deep dive from DF is appreciated , plenty of reviews have declared this games MP a visual downgrade from MW.

The whole debacle reminds me of Ghost a bit. Good graphics in the SP but the MP graphics and quality of gameplay are poor.

As far as downgrades go, it's not really that much of a bad thing when you consider EVERYTHING. 

firstly, cod at it's heart and most popular is a 60 fps MP game. and lately, MW especially they forgot the most important part of the franchise's foundation, and the largest install base which was the base xbox one and base ps4. The visual improvements MW introduced catered to the mid-gen console refreshes, and the PC base that was being incorporated through cross-play.

The end result was a nice looking game on the optimized hardware, but a juddery mess on the base consoles running at like 40 to 45 fps on average. 

Cod should be built for performance 1st visuals 2nd, because the majority of people that buy the game don't care about the campaign where visuals matter more.

Cold war was clearly built performance 1st as it should be, which can be clearly seen on the base consoles that perform better than MW did on those consoles. If you played any of these games on the base xbox one or ps4, you'd see that black ops 4, and cold war both look better than Modern Warfare looks running on those consoles because of the optimization.

As for this gen, both ps5, and series x have great performance so yeah.............screw anyone that complained about the wrong thing.

^Yes that's me ripping it up in the GIF. :)