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TruckOSaurus said:

Not to be confused with video game movies which is another subject. What I'm talking about here is a weird pet peeve of mine: it really bothers me how poorly actors who "play" a video game in movies (or TV series) simulate playing. All they do is mash buttons on the controller like a madman regardless of what game they're suppose to be playing. 

One example I remember from a while ago was two kids playing Final Fantasy VIII in a scene of the Charlie's Angels movie, yes TWO, at the same time!

We've all heard stories about actors learning to sing, dance, play an instrument for a part, I find it lazy that they (or anyone involved in the process) can't be bothered to make it look somewhat believable.

Am I the only one who feels that way? Do you guys have examples of movies that did it right (or terribly wrong)?

The problem stems from the picture of the game just getting edited in in post production most of the time, as the screen would otherwise flicker without connecting special hardware to adjust the framerate exactly to the one of the camera. So the actors have to do something that looks like gaming but often has no relation at all to what happens on screen.

That being said, this extra hardware ain't expensive anymore, so unless it's a movie on a tight budget, you can afford this and have the actors actually play the game. Now they just need to know how to do that...