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According to statistics gathered by gamstat Spider-Man Miles Morales probably sold over 800K in it's first week of release on PS4 alone. So far at least 830K users have the game on their PS4. With this being a new release and some people that keep their ps offline it's save to assume a launch north of 800K copies.

Interesting to note is that most people awaited the PS5 release in Europe with UK charts reporting around 70% sales of the PS5 version (before the PS5 even released).

I believe the total sales of this game are around 2.5m for week 1 with increasing numbers as more people are receiving or able to buy Sonys next gen console.

Got mine last Monday and love the game so far. Good continuation from the precious game. I hope Sony and Disney will be able to spawn other games!/characters in this universe.

Stories unfolded with my home made rap songs. Feel free to listen here with lyrics: