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JRPGfan said:

Also on Dirt 5, when they were quick to go talk about potential bugs (in the video itself).
With Call of Duty, they (john) lateron says its a likely bug in a tweet.

DF handle xbox and playstation slightly differntly (imo).
They are much kinder/softer towards microsoft and xbox.

If you paid attention to the video, you'd know John didn't initially to the tech work such as frame counting for the video. He may have checked it later, but his input in the video was just based on his feel from just playing the version, and not really screen capturing it as it wasn't his project to do. He was just piggybacking off of Tom's stats who got the official captures for the video.

and even though it is a bug, it should be noted that even when you restart it, the frame rate still drops, where as the xbox version never does. it's just way better than the initial run.

Last edited by Too_Talls - on 24 November 2020

^Yes that's me ripping it up in the GIF. :)