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smroadkill15 said:

You can make the same argument for XSX games running smooth minus a few hiccups, but yet it's a huge deal in those other comparison threads.

The Duelsense is a great controller, but I would never be the deciding factor on where I play a game. It's not like the series X controller is bad. it's an excellent controller with tons of QoL improvements. As long as ps controllers continue to have asymmetrical sticks, I will always prefer the Xbox controller.  

One reason its a huge deal is the marketing behind the Xbox Series X. Microsoft went on and on about "the worlds most powerful console," a few Xbox fans on this site expected a clear advantage, but all we're getting so far are identical multiplatform games. Also, no PS5 versions of multiplatform games have the issues that plague AC: Valhalla or Dirt 5.