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Otter said:
DonFerrari said:

But they have been contacting the devs on the comparisons in portions that favor PS5. They forgot to mention that the drops on PS5 in CoD were bugs... that is why they are getting their credibility questioned. For one side they are giving excuses, minimizing the issue or calling the devs to confirm, for the other it is "well it is less powerful so nothing unexpected". That is the reason why I say they are struggling to cope with the games showing different then what they expected.

Again, are they contacting devs for a few drops during setpieces or bigger wide set problem? 

For the games that performed better in PS5 yes. And guess what through people pointing out to DF that the drop in the RT mode was a bug (it won't drop if you restart a checkpoint, don't always happen, didn't exist before a patch) on twitter John confirmed it, but well on the video that is missed.

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