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JRPGfan said:

The DF video shows these "set peice" scenes with drops.
Which could be caused by this bug.

"VGTech explained it a week ago that sometimes these frames just do NOT drop at all. John just double-checked and confirmed it. If it were a hardware limitation, wouldn't the frames drop every single time?"

^ this is the logic.

If it was a performance issue with the console, why would it sometimes not appear at all? or why would loading a checkpoint fix it?
DF might have just ran into a performance bug, video'ed it, and called it a day, then used it in video, as a way to say xsx > ps5.
Its not at all representative of how actual gameplay is (when you have footage from 16mins without a single frame drop on consoles), if its a random issue that only pops up sometimes.

Ethomaz :
"If that the case... restart a checkpoint make it smooth again. Then I believe it is some memory bug or memory leak." - neogaf.

Hopefully future patch fixes this.

Dude you got a lot of energy, I hope you can use that energy against the pc-gamers instead of xbox.

But you're right, those fps drops in RTX-mode on PS5 seems to be a bug, so it's a tie here between Xbox and Playstation.

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