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Hynad said:
JRPGfan said:

Its a dead cow.... it had a grusom death.

LOL! Hard not to mock someone when he sees a cow standing on its back legs, with its neck still held strongly above ground and think it died a “gruesome death”. xD If it was dead, the wire wouldn’t be strong enough to hold the weight of the cow one feet above ground like that.

I dont know animals... what can I say? its eyes are closed, its tongue is outta its mouth and it appears to be resting its face on the grass.
After looking at it more, yes, I agree with your point, its probably not dead.

And yes I seriously thought it was dead, when I first saw that pic.

*also to be fair to DF:

1) they say they did download the Raytraceing package for the XSS, but it doesnt show the option to use it in game for them.
2) They actually came out and commented on the performance drops the PS5 had, saying it could be a bug.

The instances they showed where it drops in video on the PS5 side, but not on the XSX, could actually be this bug.
Potentially a thing a patch can fix, if its not something thats "always" there, but just randomly pops up from time to time.