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Otter said:
JRPGfan said:

Its not a "pick which ever side you believe more".
You cannot argue with facts.

Facts are DF showed 2 instances where the XSX ran better.

However thats not the entire story.

Look at this video :  around 16mins of head to head compairson between XSX and PS5.
Both run locked 60fps for the entire thing.

You have to believe your own eyes right?
Theres a graph here that shows, the results.

What DF says when it shows 2 small instances that last a few secounds.... doesnt matter, when you yourself can watch 16min+ of footage of both running the same damn locked 60fps.

if you run a few hours of footage, and analyse the FPS both run at.... you end up reaching something like this:

60 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 60 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.99%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 59.99 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.96%

120 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 114.93 FPS | 8.33 ms at 91.9%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 117.02 FPS | 8.33 ms at 94.15%


Its a differnce of 0.03%-0.04% or so between the two in terms of which holds 60fps better.

DF found two super rare instances of dips... and choose to show that.

4/100'th of a % = a tie imo.

Both are what I'd call solid 60fps.

I think you're misunderstanding the purpose of DFs videos. They never spend much time looking at mean fps because it would make for pretty short clips, instead they analysis performance overall and focus in on any stress points. Stress points can be a very small % of gameplay so they won't make a huge impact on a mean fps, but that doesn't mean they're not noticable in a play through. i.e everytime a boss performs a certain attack. This has been typically of every video they make, if there are stress points they focus on it, even if its just a cutscene. 

Both games have a very stable FPS, they mention this, you also see it in the frame graph. But at 60fps the PS5 version shows occassional high percentage drops (going from 60fps to 50 or less), they stated this doesn't occur during gunplay when facing actual enemies. They don't mention mean fps because they're more interested in places where people will actually see drops and places where the system exhibit differences. None the less they do state and show that both systems are the majority of the time 60fps.

Anyone who watches DF's content should able to be aware of the fact that its just a tech breakdown. They look for technical aspects to speak about, I find it super interesting but at the same time when they zoom in to grass blades to show the difference in resolution between 2 versions of a game or show a few frames dropping in  the heaviest action, I know full well that won't impact my experience at all. If anyone comes away from a video like this thinking the PS5 version is bad or feeling defensive of it, they're watching more with their feelings than with their brain. And this goes for a lot of their content. People need to stop getting touchy about things they literally wouldn't be aware off if it wasn't for these tech breakdowns.

Good. The problem in this come to 2 points, first the 3 scenes they collected the drops in 60fps they didn't find odd or need to contact dev, they didn't verify that other people played the same and didn't had drops, but when it came to the 120hz it was less important, VRR will solve it and made sure to point there was no reason for Xbox to drop more than PS5.

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