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COKTOE said:
JRPGfan said:

My reply:


VG Tech analyseing head to head footage:

60 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 60 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.99%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 59.99 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.96%

120 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 114.93 FPS | 8.33 ms at 91.9%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 117.02 FPS | 8.33 ms at 94.15%


Statistically theres a 0.04% (4/100ths of a %) differnce, in which holds 60fps better.

Do you get that from watching the DF video?
Or do they cherry pick the probably only 2 instances where PS5 runs worse than the XSX in the game and show that? (which could be bug related)

You wouldn't think both run almost constant 60fps from watching the DF video.

Here is 16mins of gameplay footage with both at locked 60fps:

Watch that and tell me if you think DF are being fair in their reporting.

Hesitated quoting this because the quote tree is so massive, but that's very interesting. I have seen people claiming bias on N4G in the past, but don't know enough about the situation to comment on it.

To give the spreadsheet; You see that the advantage was marginal (and VGTech tested the same areas and seem like before a patch it was always 60fps, after patch it can drop some times, so that advantage may not really exist to Xbox). But when watching the videos when Xbox is coming behind it is justification time, when PS is coming behind it is "it is weaker so expected". For me that is they coping with their own preconceived notion that Xbox is stronger and trying to explain the game not showing it like a cognitive dissonance.

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